katie.com - Buch des Monats Mai 2005

giuliani.jpgClare Giuliani (1 A-BW) stellt euch das Buch "katie.com" der Autorin Katherine Tarbox vor. Die aufwühlende, autobiografische Geschichte der 13-jährigen Katherine hat Clare sehr gut gefallen. Übrigens: seit Jänner stellen Schüler/innen der HOB ihr/sein Buch des Monats vor. Nachzulesen in der Bibliothek! Wir suchen auch noch das Buch des Monats Juni, meldet euch einfach bei uns!

"katie.com"  - Katherine Tarbox
Every girl looks for it. Every girl wants it… "True Love"
New Canaan, Connecticut, Katherine Tarbox is a 13-year old girl, who has interests like every other young girl: clothes, hair, her hobbies and a boyfriend.
Although she hardly ever spends time with her busy parents they have high expectations of her. At one point she befriends a twenty-three-year old guy on American Online. For the first time she feels loved and builds up a relationship. As she meets her cyber-pale in Texas at a swimming meet he turns out to be a forty-one-year old man. What happened in the hotel room changed her whole life. For more than two years Katie had feelings of guilt, loneliness and anger. She was one of many girls that were molested by a paedophile.

Katie.com is the story of one girl's nightmare. It is a real story and girls should read it to see what can happen to them as soon as they think they love someone they haven't even seen. Boys could read it to understand what happens to a girl as soon as he starts lying and exposing false feelings to her.
As it is a true story it is described in a thrilling way.

Clare Giuliani 1 A- BW