Abschied von den Freunden in Buffalo


Nach zwei Wochen in Buffalo sind die zwölf Austauschschüler der WFO Bozen gemeinsam mit Prof. Marlies Raifer wieder in Richtung Heimat aufgebrochen. Vor ihrer Rückkehr nach Südtirol steht derzeit noch ein Besuch der Hauptstadt Washington auf dem Programm. Im Bild die 12 WFO-ler mit ihren Partnerschülern beim Abschied am Flughafen in Buffalo.


Letzte Berichte aus Buffalo

Another day in Amherst. Today we were on the Amherst High School News Channel. Afterwards we visited the famous Martin House by the architect Mr. F. Wright. He also designed the Guggenheim Museum in NY. This building has a special geometrical shape and a lot of particular details, which reflect the perfection of nature!
Later on we had lunch in the school cafeteria. In the afternoon all the Italians and some Americans went to the Sky Zone, a trampoline fun park near the airport. Jumping around for two hours was really fun but we were very tired after that. Sam unfortunately twisted her ankle and got hurt. We then had Italian pasta which was very good.
(Florian & Simon)

Yesterday we had our last presentations at Amherst High School. All the students seemed pretty interested and asked many questions about our presentations regarding Italy and South Tyrol specifically on our traditions and customs. After school we formed two groups. Most of the boys went to Ben's house (Simon's host). The other group went to a pumpkin farm with more than 300 pumpkins. We bought some of them which we later carved out for Halloween. In the evening we all met at someone's house and stayed there until midnight. (Veronika & Thomas)

Today we went to Canada. One of our hosts has a beach cottage there. We spent the whole day swimming, playing soccer and barbecuing. We had a really good time! It took us a long time crossing the US-border, when we finally got back to Amherst we had dinner in the famous chicken-wing restaurant called Duff‘s.
(Thomas & Veronika)
















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